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mickey mouse gasmask
crvcifix wrote in daily_goth
Here's a few pictures I took of my outfit today. I went to see Lightning Bolt (kickass noise/art-punk band) so I wore something practical I could mosh in-- I was still soaked from the pit when I got home.

Boris Mabuta No Ura t-shirt. Merch booth from their last tour.
Leather jacket. Vintage, from thrift store.
Bullet belt (.223 caliber) eBay
Lip Service jeans.
Soda lace-up boots.
Cross, coffin, ankh, machine gun necklaces. From eBay, etsy, etc...

Patches: Watain, Nachtmystium, Beherit. From concerts and online distros.

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I love your belt-it is too fabulous! Great outfit overall-you rock it with confidence,

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