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daily_goth's Journal

Everyday Darkness
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This is a community to post pictures of everyday gothic outfits. I was inspired to create this community after being a member of daily_lolita for years, and I noticed there was no similar place to showcase daily gothic outfits.

1) While this is a community largely devoted to gothic fashion, other alternative styles are welcome as well.

2) One picture (size 500x500 or smaller) can be posted. Any other pictures must go under a cut.

3) Keep the picture focus on your outfit. If you post a headshot to showcase an interesting hairstyle or accessory, that's fine. Just don't post any Myspace-y "look at me I'm hawttt" pictures.

4) Outfit rundowns (saying what items of clothing you are wearing, and where you purchased them) would be lovely, but are not required.

5) Professional photoshoots are all right to post, but that sort of thing would be better for gothic_babes since this is a community for daily outfits.

6) Tag all pictures with your location.