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I had no idea this community existed!
GCS Jilli
cupcake_goth wrote in daily_goth
Hi there! katysioux pointed me to this community, and I love the idea of it. I can't wait to see more of you posting pix!

Goth at the office

What I wore to work today. I usually work from home, but go into the office every two weeks for meetings. (I'm a technical editor at Microsoft.)

- Reproduction Victorian walking boots by Oak Tree Farm, from Old Mill Mercantile on eBay.
- Tights from Fred Meyer (a PNW-area general store like Target).
- Skirt made by me, from bedsheets I tea-dyed, with a lining made from a circular, ruffle-hemmed tablecloth. It's worn over a black square dance petticoat I inherited from my mom.
- Blouse from a thrift store, worn with an antique black & white lace collar.
- Waistcoat from Ross. I changed the buttons and added extras.
- Silver raven skull necklace from Etsy.
- Top hat from, decorated with antique lace and feathers by me.

And the iPhone case is from eBay. :)

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Too cute! I love the DIY touches, and your skirt is just fantabulous!

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