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Old outfit post
bat face
unowncafe wrote in daily_goth
This post is from the day of silence but i still wanted to post it here, cause i like it.

So in like april was the day of silence, and red is like their color so i always like to wear this outfit. That's also why you see me holding a notebook to my side and the pen in my mouth. So i can "talk" to people still.Yes my bag is green and covered with Les Mis quotes, ribbons, and perry the platypus. I know like the least gothy thing out there but i like it. Also those are bandaids on my feet. I hadn't worn those sandals winter (and the for the ct winter it was understandable.) so my feet got beautiful blisters. D: My hair was really frizzy i looked like a monster so i put it up but it kept falling down, so this was probably before i put it up again.


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